Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Vacation...all I ever wanted.

My sincerest apologies for not having updated sooner. I've been vacationing. Kinda. You care, right?

Quick vaca recap:

-Discovered most adorablest bookstore in Greenpoint called Word. Word.

-Ended up getting free tickets to see The Slits open for Sonic Youth doing all of Daydream Nation. (More on that in a minute)

-Surprise bridal shower for my friend. Surprisingly fun. I had tears from laughing and almost peed my pants once.

-Missed TV on the Radio and Celebration due to fucking Florida-like thunderstorms + bridal shower.

-Most importantly.....SHARK WEEK!

Saturday night, we arrived at McCarren Park with blanket in tow to see Sonic Youth. The Slits were already on stage, and we found a spot towards the back on a small ramp near the pool steps, laid down our blanket and got ready for it. Dear Hubby had warned me that I would probably love them, but that I would want to punch the singer because of her superfluous between song banter. He was right. Loved them. Hated her. Remembered that I had a friend who used to make me listen to them back in the day. Sonic Youth got on shortly after. The not-empty-pool was suddenly motherfucking packed.

Husband was having a wonderful time. I like SY and all, but they're not my favorite. We had already seen them last year at one of the last shows at CBGB's, which was amazing (and not just cause I "fell" into Chloe Sevigny. HeeHee), so I was just being supportive little wifey. I was able to amuse myself with the Sunn geek. I loved him. He was hideous. He was wearing one of those hats that's half cowboy and half safari, with the little chin strap; Tevas, yes, Tevas, shorts and a Sunn 000))))) (or however you call it) t-shirt that was his cool point. His girlfriend/wifey/whatever was equally horrific with some sort of strange back rash/blackhead break out that I couldn't stop staring at because she was right in front of me. When the show started, they stood closer to the edge of the crowd, luckily still within my viewing range. Sunn geek and mate "danced" and bopped along to every song. Clearly, they were true fans, God bless them. Clearly, I was in awe. I, unfortunately, was picturing them having really awkward sex with him bopping on her as much as he was bopping to SY. I stopped looking.

After a while, I became really uncomfortable. There was no position I could sit in that would alleviate the pain in my back, alternating with the my legs that were falling asleep. I sat silently crying in pain. Husband looked over at me and noticed that I was crying and quickly packed us up and left. I felt so guilty and kept apologizing for ruining it for him. Luckily, he had seen his favorite songs, and said there were probably only 1 or 2 songs left to play and that he'd rather see me comfortable than miserable. Aww. I love him. Because of that, I decided that I shouldn't go to anymore outdoor shows. I think I'm too big now to be able to enjoy the band and be comfortable. Too much smoking everywhere. Too much heat. Too much.

Tonight, we ventured downstairs to the bar next door to see Cause Co-mmotion and the 1990s. I, frankly, can't stand the 1990s, but was willing to go because Husband loves them and said I would like the other band. Midway into Cause Co-mmotion's set I had to leave. The venue was really tiny, and while I was seated comfortably towards the back, with no smoke and a delicious Shirley Temple, Li'l Hazard decided that it was too loud and kicked the shit out of me until I got up and left.

It's official. I think I'm done with shows. Luckily, summer is almost over and I won't be missing too many more. Next summer, we can take Li'l Haz with us in a Baby Bjorn to outdoor events with little mini earplugs. Husband and I are determined to raised this kid right, and way up there on the list is having good taste in music.

So how do I entertain myself now? And don't say crossword puzzles, because I've already done almost 200 this month, and I already finished Harry Potter.