Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This weekend had a lot of perfection, I'll share:
1. Out of 3 omelets made, one was perfect.
a) pear juice + prosecco = new fave brunch bevvie
2. Found 2 pairs of perfect fitting jeans for less than $32 total.
3. Had $3 Bloody Marys. Not perfect, but super cheap, which is close to perfect.
4. Bought more of Raspberry Fields Forever's French Apple Pie granola. Absolutely perfect.

1. Out of 3 omelets made, one was perfect. Fingerling potatoes were pretty rocking too.
2. Deanna made Key Lime pie. O.M.G. Effing perfect.
3. Brooklyn Flea: found some amazing architectural pieces. Want!!
4. Sitting in a bar in the rain, bouncing baby on knee, whilst playing Connect Four and Battleship. Also, more Bloody Marys.
5. The Yard, for Martina's birthday. Low key, good music, good people, outdoors in Brooklyn!
6. Homemade pesto w pasta...not so perfect....(eff you whole wheat pasta). More Key Lime pie...perfect end to a perfect weekend.

Top that!