Friday, May 16, 2008

What's yr glitch?

I've been reading all these blogs that have a purpose. Some sort of angle. Food blogs tend to have the best angles. Like Gourmet Project: some guy decided to cook every single recipe in the Gourmet cookbook (and he discovered other ppl doing the same). Or, Not Eating Out in New York: a fellow Brooklynite who now refuses to eat in restaurants in NYC. The Greenmarket Report is great (I got 3 bunches of ramps today! And focaccia from Bread Alone. MMMMM). Last Night's Dinner is an inspiration.

I, however, am sans angle.

I talk about food, and wine, and Auden, and music (did I mention we have My Bloody Valentine tix?? :D :D) and Brooklyn, and sometimes I pontificate on the meaning of life. But, I lack focus. I lack a solid direction. Do I need one? Can I skimp by as just some random chick who talks about random crap? No one necessarily reads this, and in a way, I'm just taking up space in the interwebbed world. Maybe the focus needs to begin within, and then it will filter down to ze blog. Ooo. Deep.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mama got the brand new bag!!!

I got the yob, I got the yob!!!

I quit my piece of shit yob yesterday. I start new yob on the 27th. I have all of Memorial Weekend to celebrate! Hurrah!

Relationship. Apartment. Job. I have the perfect NY it, Carrie.

Croquet Picnic
Sailboat around Manhattan

Act now, spaces are limited. Oh, this is truly going to be a very good summer. :D

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A holiday of my very own!

So, being a mom on Mother's Day is pretty freaking weird. Like, I know I'm a mom. I get it. I have a drooling, teething, poop machine of my very own. But being called a mom..and recognized as one...that's something for mom. Not me.

Regardless, I have to say it was a good day. Yes, I'm recycling NWA lyrics. Again. Moving on, I did have a moment today when Auden was in his walker and I looked down and he was smiling his 2 toothed smile and holding a card that said "Mom" on it. I opened the card and there was a whole bunch of scribble scrabble in it (along with some really lovely sweetness from my husband). But the scribble scrabble was the best. My son held a pen and created something for me. *Mind blowing!*

Then we got all gussied up and went to brunch at Dressler. I was all bummed at first because there is a serious lack of variety on the menu. The brunch menu at Dumont is hella more diverse. HOWEVER, holy motherfucking crap balls...BEST omelet I've ever had (the ham, spinach and fontina sans ham) and of course, when in Dressler, one must have the hazelnut semifreddo. If you have never had the hazelnut semifreddo, if you don't know what I'm talking about, stop what you are doing, put some shoes on and fucking go to Dressler right now. I don't care that you have eye boogers or are at work slacking, get off yr ass and go. It's ridiculous. Creamy hazelnut ice cream...and when I say creamy, I mean creaaaaamyyyy...fudgey gelato, toasted sugary hazelnuts and some sort of hazelnutty crisp situation on the top. It causes panty soup. It has been dubbed "the best dessert I've ever had" by the Hammill clan, including my brother in law.

Speaking of sex on a plate, last night I made ramps. I kept reading and reading about these little fuckers on every blog and it's mother, so when Bex and I had our Greenmarket date yesterday morning, I bought 2 bunches. It took like 8 years to prep them, but I just cooked them in some olive oil and garlic, white tips first, then the leaves, then threw some gnocchi in there. Holy bajesus, batman. Bex and Jake came over while I was cooking with 2 bottles of wine, and they got a little taste test sensation, and they concurred: sex on a plate. They also brought over one of the most delicious wines I've ever had. We, unfortunately, had purchased the Sofia Coppolla Rose. It wasn't awful. It was just...there. Note to self: Coppollas make good movies, not good wine.

In other news, I am currently waiting for a call back. I won't go into it any further, but if you pray, meditate, or sacrifice small animals to a jungle deity, could you throw a little hope and blood my way? Preciate it, thanks.