Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Second Supper

Yeah, that whole part about me posting the menu and letting you know and what not? *ahem*

Well, dinner was great. Here is what we ate:

Radishes w Rosemary and Cilantro Butters and Fresh Bread

Sauteed Ramps and Fiddlehead Ferns w Roasted Garlic
on Gnocchi w Shaved Pecorino

Baked Apples in a Buttery Prosecco Sauce w Cinammon

I usually hate everything I make. Total hater. Not this. This shit was the jam. It was simple. It was tasty. It wasn't too much. It wasn't too little. It was comforting. But it made you say "Wtf is this green thing? A fiddlehead fern? WTF IS THAT?" all while loving the flavor. And how.

Needless to say, the first gathering of the Uncleverly Named Eating Society went well. And, since I'm organized this time, I can officially announce this Friday's upcoming menu. You excited? Me too, cos it's GORGE!

grilled asparagus and fiddlehead ferns w a dijon hollandaise.

mesclun, radish, pan fried manchego and pignoli w fennel seed vinaigrette

1st plate:
mussels in a garlic wine sauce

2nd plate:
quinoa croquette, cucumber dill relish w feta and greek yogurt sauce

rhubarb cobbler w mint ice cream

and always: bread. herbed butter. olives.

As much as possible, I'm going local. Even my gnocchi was local. So local it was from 3 blocks away. As much as I'd like it to be, I doubt that my local gnocchi was organic. You give and take. You can't have it all.

Hopefully, dinner pics will come soon. However, the midget did steal the camera in the middle of dinner, so I only have 1 picture from that night, and really, it's half a picture. If you were there, send me yr pics. I'd love some food porn.

Meanwhile, this's all about foraging for the feast ahead. If you have any brilliant ingredient ideas, lemme know. I'm game....I have another dinner party in 3 weeks to think about.