Sunday, August 16, 2009

Unclever Number 4

I think I have finally recovered from Friday's dinner. Yes, it's Sunday morning. Between the lot of us, we killed 12 bottles of wine, and probably half of my working brain cells.

The Menu:

ground cherries
baguette w rosemary butter
cherry tomato, 5 olive mix, feta and fresh basil w lemon vinaigrette
grilled fava beans
scallion risotto
creme brulee

The creme brulee was supposed to be of the key lime persuasion, however, was unable to find the juice. I was smart enough, however to buy butane in advance from what could possibly be my new favorite store on earth. Therefore, there was freshly scorched creme brulee. Had to do the 'tap tap crack' with a spoon on top and everything. So good.

I must say, sometimes I think, oh what's the point of doing these dinners, whatever I make is going to be terrible. I stress out about time management and getting the right seasonal ingredients. Then people get here, and everyone is so gracious, and open to meeting new people, and visibly and audibly enjoying what I've made them. I'm exposing them to something new sometimes, or revisiting an old favorite. It makes it all worthwhile.

At the end of every dinner, as people are kissing their goodbyes, phone numbers are being exchanged, facebook additions are being talked about, I sit back and my heart warms a little, because this is what my family and life in Brooklyn is like. And I wouldn't change a thing.

I'm already thinking about the next one...