Saturday, July 26, 2008

Excuses, excuses

So I was doing well with the whole blogging daily thing, and then struck Applebee's. There was no eating good in the neighborhood. After a successful shopping escapade at Woodbury Commons, and an unfortunate detour on or way back, as soon as we crossed the line into Jersey, out came the spinachy bruschetta pizza thingee I had. While Auden was crying. And we were lost in Jersey. And I quietly yacked into a Banana Republic bag. And then into a Converse bag in Astoria. (Thanks for taking care of that, Jen) and then again every half hour for about 6 hours. That was on a Saturday. I didn't feel like a human again until Thursday.

Then there was a work marathon.

But today is a new day! I'm off this weekend! Today is family day and we're going to the Greenmarket, Urban Rustic, Marlow and Sons, Mamalu, Word, Brooklyn Kitchen and all my other fave stores in the hood.

Tomorrow will be the perfect Sunday. I'm making brunch. Deanna's making Key Lime Pie. Then we're off to the Brooklyn Flea. Then, off to the Yard for Thee Wurst BBQ, but more importantly, it's Martina's birthday! Can a day get any better?

Hazard is back, y'all.