Sunday, May 3, 2009

Uncleverly Named Eating Society

I've been a little slacky. Well, not really. I've been busy!

Let's see... I got promoted, moved to a new store. (Yeay, me!)
I started working out with a personal trainer, and then, when I moved to the new store, ended up gaining 6 lbs. (Eff you, baked goods)
Most importantly and exciting though, I came up with a tremendous idea on how to keep in touch with my friends. But still cook. And be social. And drink wine.

I've created The Uncleverly Named Eating Society. No, I'm not kidding, I really named it that. Eventually, if I do find a clever name, then mayhaps I'll change it. But for now, I'm totally okay with that moniker. I've been dying to go to one of these underground supper club situations, but don't have time, and the majority, (save for 4 Course Vegan) are all a little too carcass-arrific. I figured this would be a great way to see all the friends that I have the "OMG, we need to hang out, for real. Let's do dinner/brunch. It's been too long. Yadda yadda" conversation with way too often. This, coupled with my overwhelming love of cooking and want to experiment with even more seasonal and local ingredients, allows me to kill several metaphorical birds with one stone. Just like one of the supper clubs, I send the menu out early in the week, ppl RSVP, and voila, a dinner party is born!

Wanna get all up in it? Join the Uncleverly Named Eating Society group on Facebook. If I don't know you, give me a valid reason why you should be allowed entry. Or woo me with what treats you'll bring me.

First one is this Friday. Menu comes out tomorrow. Will post it here and on the group's page. Off I go to menu plan!!