Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Not to be a spoiler, but...

Omg, on the for real tip, I was going to lose my shit. Bex and I were gchating back and forth. I was drinking. She was not. We were both BUGGIN! (no ', cos who has proper punctuation when yr being ghetto, I mean really?) I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. But thankfully, the Gorgon is dead....however....she almost lived. Can't wait for the reunion show next week!

Also, full confession, I totally have a new chef crush. I'm so glad my darling husband understands that I mean this in the strictest of culinary terms. Happy new baby, Richard! She's gorge!

Tomorrow: me and Bex. Reunited. I smell trouble.

Oh. And. Um. I killed the bottle. Oops.

p.s. Midgie pics are coming soon! Hooray!

This is the end.

Not of the blog, betches! Top Chef ends tonight. I'm kinda super bummed about it, but I need to see the Gorgon die! Die, betch DIE! And I need to see Richard win. Win, Richard, WIN! If Stefanie wins, that's okay, I won't mind too much....although, Richard is a new dad and needs the cash and is kinda far superior.

Anyhoo, sorry haven't been a super blogging lady lately. Work has been intense (inventory prep) and I've been trying to spend as much time as possible with Midgetation. Midgie update: he can grab the crib edge and pull himself to his knees (we've since dropped the mattress) and if we stand him up, he can hold on to his crib and stay standing with no hands from mom or dad! Also, I think he's going to start crawling any day now.

Quick food update:

-The other night, Ms Mary came over and I made: roasted baby garlic w seitan in a mustard sauce, sauteed baby bellos, sliced breakfast radishes, pea shoots in lettuce wraps. For dessert? Peppery naan with Argentine dulce de leche. International, bbs!

-I've mastered the art of hummus. Okay, you may consider it a bean dip and not hummus since I don't put tahini in it (cos, c'mon, tahini is not the most yum thing, admit it), however my bean dip/hummus/orgasm as a paste is the effing jam. This time I made my own garbanzos from scratch (not Rancho Gordo cos they haven't harvested theirs yet, ((also, I have a new RG order on the way...hooray Vaquero beans!)) but still good nonetheless).

Um, ok I gotta go...Top Chef just started...will blog when it's done! Promise! Well, maybe, depends on how the prosecco hits me.