Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My friend's Wren

My upstairs neighbor Mary has started a gorgeous little line of hand knit baby dresses and sweet candles called Wren. Seeing as I have a big mouth, I had to share.

When Mary asked if she could borrow my child one Saturday morning, I knew she must have been up to some goodness and ran upstairs to see what she had going on. After measuring Auden for reference, she showed me what she was up to. Perfect little dresses, with perfect little bows. I started picturing a little girl with some ribbons in her hair and colored tights and mary janes, having a tea party. I will admit, it made my ovaries ache a little. (No, not anytime soon, get over it, don't even ask.)

As of right now, she's only got dresses, so Auden can't be a little model, but the second she gets to her baby boy line, I'm SO snatching it all up.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Wishes, the selfish edition

1. A new bag. My purple plastic one is all kindsa tore up.
2. A new winter coat. I haven't bought a winter coat since fall 05.
3. My apartment to be magically reorganized and purged exactly how I want it.
4. To own no extra crap.
5. That junk mail would go away. It clutters my life and is not very green.
6. At least one Le Creuset piece. Either casserole with lid or grill pan.
7. A cleaning person to come once a month and do all the things I don't wanna.
8. Magically self folding and hanging clothing.
9. Milk spills to not stink on clothing.
10. Baxter's poo to smell less like, well, poo.

Oh, and in unselfish wishes:
Happiness and health for my family and friends, plenty of non Elmo or Barney toys for Auden, new boots for Gerald, boyfriends (or at least several hot sexy dates) for my single friends, and peace on earth, goodwill towards man.

Whatchoo want from Santy Claws?