Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hazard as a Chef

Tonight, my dearest Kalena came over. Oh, how I missed her. She brought some wine. I gushed about Auden. She fell in love with him. How could she not?

Seeing as Ms. Thang is a professional nanny to the stars (no really, an Oscar winner even), I put her to work holding on to the midget as I made us dinner. Hubby was fixing rekkids to play out tonight for the young ones.

The menu:

Pan roasted potatoes with fresh horseradish (grated using my fab microplane)
Tri color grilled peppers with roasted head of garlic
Simple fennel salad with oil and vinegar.

In exciting news, I got to use my new pink peppercorns! Ordinarily, I cringe at pink, but I can get over it when it comes to food. Plus, these peppercorns tasted a lot less harsh than the ones I was using before. BLECH!

Regardless, dinner was great, and we ate it all. Especially the fennel salad. Next time, I'm going to get some moltalban cheese and throw in a few big scrapes. Yes, I'm copying the fennel salad from Moto, but not exactly because they use parmesan, and I think my selection would taste superior. Hmpf.

Upcoming joyous food events:
Brunch with the Muffinberrys!
Spontaneous Brooklyn Tapas Party tomorrow!
Finally joining the Williamsburg CSA!
Ted and Amy Supper Club!

Hooray for food :D

Friday, April 25, 2008

Haikus for you

i think i promised
to update on auden b
more frequently, yes?

i shall not tell fibs.
an update you shall receive
in my haiku state.

little midget is
about to flip over soon
when he moves his arm.

he has not learned yet,
but he's well on his way to.
i have total faith.

mommy dearest is
searching for a new jobby
this is no secret.

it is friday night
i have prosecco breath now
wish hubby was home.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Been a long time since yr blog n roll...

Mrs Hazard and the Midget on his half birthday.
April 19, 2008.
Greendome Garden, McCarren Park, Brooklyn

On Saturday, it was my son's half birthday! Yep, midget is now 6 months old. Today is my half birthday. I think it just finally clicked that I'm 30. *gulp*

Clearly, a lot has happened since my last post, therefore, here's a brief rundown of events and tidbits:

1. I gave birth. October 19, 2007 5:04 pm. Although, it started the day before at 6 am. Yep, 35 hours, betch.
2. His name is Auden Brown Enrich Hammill and he's GORGE! (Yes, that's a big name for a little boy, but it fits, trust.)

3. Midget flew on a plane to and from Florida. And he was a champ. Lady with the screaming baby on the plane? Nope, not me! He slept! Holler!
4. If you think you had any sense of will power or strength, just wait till he smiles at you. You will be at his mercy. You are putty in his pudgy little hand.

5. He sneezes and farts like his dad. He's hyperactive and bouncy like me.

6. I am 2 lbs away from being pre-preggo weight (which means nothing to you, but THE WORLD to me)

7. He had his first 2 teeth break skin yesterday!

8. He prefers my knuckles and knees to any sort of gnawing device. Yes, it hurts.

9. If you have a small female child, no, our children cannot get married. There is a waiting list for prearranged marriages 4 baby girls deep already. I'll consider a secondary waiting list, however, if you insist.

10. Everyday, he blows my mind.

So that's what's been happening.
I promise to write more soon and chronicle the life of Auden Brown. He's fascinating, and I'm not just saying that because he's my son. Yes, I realize that all mothers say that, but this time it's different. No, really.

Hazard's back, betch.