Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Coming Attractions

Part of the reason why the blog is so wordy and not so picture-y, is because I have an unfortunate computer. It tries my patience, and it wins daily. However! I will be rectifying that situation soonish. So there's that.

Hazard as a Blog is going to also get a facelift. I keep experimenting with this and that, but it's still not quite the way I'd love it to look.....so I've got some creativey types working on some more aesthetically pleasing situations.

Finally, I'm contemplating changing the name of this blog. When I first started, I intended this to be more of a mommy-centric blog. However, as much as I love motherhood and as much as I love my son, this blog has grown to be more about my selfish goodies...more of what mommy wants, less of what other mommies should do. It has evolved, as I have, into something a little more organic and substantial. I'll always fondly recall my days as a Hazard, (and yes, sometimes she does magically reappear after a few too many martinis) but Hazard is all grown up now.

Got a name suggestion? Holler at your girl.


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